Thursday, 26 September 2013

Mazda Contemplates India Return

In India, the name Mazda was limited to bringing back memories of the Swaraj Mazda commercial vehicles or Vin Diesel’s RX-7 in “The Fast and The Furious”. The Japanese giant that was ranked 19th in the top 25 world car makers 2013, could make a full-fledged return to India! This move has come in after Mazda analyzed the subcontinent’s growing demand for passenger vehicles and hunger for private sector foreign investment. Masamichi Kogai, president and CEO of Mazda Motor Corp, has also hinted at using India as an export hub for the brand. If Mazda does decide to begin production and sales operations in India it will have models that would go head to head with multiple segment dominators.

Currently Mazda’s model range includes hatchbacks, sedans, estates, pick-up trucks, MPVs, SUVs and sports cars, aside from their commercial vehicle range. The models that could be making their way here initially would ideally be the Mazda-2 hatchback, the Mazda-3 hatchback and compact sedan which could be priced from Rs. 4-6 lakh and Rs. 7-10 lakh respectively. They could also bring in the Mazda-6 that would go head to head other D-segment vehicles and may cost anywhere from Rs. 14-16 lakh. Mazda has made an impact globally, especially after their design cues turned radical and distinctive.

Mazda currently manages 80% of its exports from Japan itself and plans to open a new plant near Mexico City, Mexico. The new plant will help improve the brands supply to North America i.e. its biggest market and will focus on the Mazda-2 and Mazda-3 which are currently its best sellers. Mazda’s previous venture with Swaraj to produce trucks had seen a dismal reaction and ended in March 2007, as it lacked extensive marketing and brands like Tata enjoyed more loyalty. India being the world’s 6th largest automotive production hub could see Mazda making a comeback. An ever expanding economic base would hopefully push Mazda to bring its passenger and commercial vehicle range to our shores as well.     

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