Sunday, 10 July 2011

Mahindra Thar

Mahindra seems to have noticed something go wrong with the Indian man. With the males of the world going from beer guzzling macho monsters to sensitive pink loving sissies, the guys at M&M must have though “Burp, we need the real men back..!!” and that is exactly what Mahindra have done. Powered by a 2498cc common rail diesel this agile rhino pumps out 105bhp at 3800rpm and an impressive torque of nearly 250nm. Mahindra has made one thing very clear with this car. The amount you pay is not for the car itself but for what the car says about you. The designers intended this to be a car not for attention seeking teens, but for hardcore off-roading enthusiasts. The car is available only with a 4X4 transmission, which means the car begs you to not let its biggest tests be potholes although they might be the ultimate off-roading challenge. The car is a modern version of the good old fashioned jeep. Most modernization projects lead to the removal of character that eventually have a bad effect on the overall appeal. Not the Thar, the car has been given just the right amount of technology so that you still feel like you’ve entered an old school off-roader. Still, there are a few things that Mahindra needs to look into. A traction control system {TCS} while a helpful feature on any regular vehicle is expected on a car such as the Thar. I would also be happier if the car were equipped with a limited slip differential that could give me more safety especially during the turns. One of the best features of the Thar is that the company offers much more than a spoiler as a customization option. Jeeps have always been known to be modified to the owner’s personality which is why this will prove to be a great move by the company. The price of the Thar ranges from 4.5-7.5 lacs. The price also varies on which city you live in as the Thar has been introduced in accordance to both BS iii and BS iv norms. BS iv cities will have to pay up a little more. All in all the Thar is a good buy especially due to the fact that the pricing enables you to get a juicy 2500cc diesel in the price bracket of most 1200cc hatch backs. The features on the hatchbacks may be more but they can never offer you thrill that will make you feel like you’re 10 years old again. 

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